Good Solutions

The setting of a family constellation provides good solutions for women and men,

  • who have a burdensome relationship to their present family or their family of origin
  • who would like to resolve unconscious systemic entanglements that put a strain on partnership, marriage or friendship and for those who would like to have a love relationship without repeating old behavioural patterns
  • who face the issues of a divorce/separation, growing up without a father or mother, adoption, death of a loved one, abortion, disrupted family communication, children with behavioral problems, childlessness, stillbirth, sudden infant death syndrome
  • who suffer from a physical illness or handicap (e.g. cancer, asthma, allergies...) or from psychological problems (e.g. post-traumatic stress, addiction, eating disorders, depression, anger, psychosis, phobia, anxieties, suicide attempts...) which they would like to view more clearly in order to find relief
  • who have to cope with tragic situations
  • who want to find their rightful place in the family and in life
  • who need solutions to problems in the work place or who would like to make new start


Familienstellen Familienaufstellung



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